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We are on high alert for measles cases. If you have a fever, cough, cold AND rash, please inform our staff at the time of booking.

Dr Reena Chada
Dr Luan Chuen
Dr Puja Malik
Dr Brian Tse

We specialize in comprehensive family medicine

 Proudly serving our community since 2014

Our Partners

We are proud members of the Complete Care Family Health Organization, a collaborative network of five community family practice clinics comprised of twenty highly-skilled, compassionate, expert physicians. Together, we provide after-hours urgent care services to registered patients from Monday to Saturday. Following a visit to one of these physicians, comprehensive details including assessments, investigations, and treatment plans are shared with the patient's primary physician, ensuring seamless continuity of care. 

Quality Care

Our colleagues are exceptional physicians that we trust

Extended hours to serve your urgent medical needs 

Experience care that is cohesive and consistent

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