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The Christie Clinic is part of the Complete Care Family Health Organization. This is a group of doctors from 5 different offices working together to provide After Hours Urgent Care access to registered patients of any of the doctors.


This is preferred over a Walk-In Clinic as you will received a scheduled an appointment and a detailed report and all test results will be sent to your family doctor.  To see a doctor in the After Hours clinic for an urgent issue, call our office or check the calendar to see which clinic

is covering today. 

Click on today's date in the calendar to see the address and contact information for today's After-Hours Clinic.

Medical Worker


As part of the Family Health Organization, registered patients also have access to the Tele-Health Advisory Service (THAS).


THAS provides telephone access to a nurse, who can provide advice, or direct you to appropriate After Hours care. Your  physician will be informed of your call and the advice provided. 


The THAS nurse is available Monday to Thursday (5pm-9am) and weekends from Friday 5pm to Monday 9am. 


To speak with a nurse from the THAS, call:  1-866-553-7205.

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