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Clinic Policy

These policies are in place to maintain a safe, respectful, and efficient environment within our family medicine clinic. Patients may be dismissed from the practice due to non-compliance with clinic policies. 


We now schedule appointments only one week in advance or on the same day.​ 

This is how it works: Appointment slots for the following week become available for booking on Mondays at 8:30am. We also reserve several slots each day for same-day appointments which become available for booking daily at 8:30am. You can view your doctor’s typical weekly schedule. We now only schedule well-baby visits, diabetes visits, and injections in advance. This system is designed to make sure everyone has a fair chance to get an appointment and to reduce wait times. We encourage you to use our online booking system for faster access. Appointments can also be booked by phone. 

During July and August we will move to only same-day appointments for Drs. Chada, Chuen, and Malik. These doctors will be taking turns covering for each other, so you might see any one of them, depending on who is working that day. Rest assured that the doctor you see will have access to your medical records and will update them during your visit to make sure you receive the best care. Our normal booking protocols will remain in effect from September to June.


Our clinic, part of the Complete Care Family Health Organization (FHO), collaborates with doctors from five clinics to offer after-hours urgent care for registered patients from Monday to Saturday.  For urgent issues, contact our clinic and if you are unable to get an appointment with your family doctor or the covering doctor of the day, you will be directed here for a same-day appointment. To access this clinic, contact our office or check the daily after-hours clinic coverage schedule. A report of your assessment details and test results will be sent to your family doctor to ensure optimal continuity of care.


Registered patients are requested to seek all of their primary medical care through our clinic or our After-Hours Urgent FHO Clinic rather than a walk-in clinic. Please click here for more on outside use and walk-in clinics


Certain services provided by our clinic may not be covered by OHIP and will require payment at the time of service. Please see our uninsured services price list for further details.


We are excited to introduce optional subscription plans to meet the high demand for non-OHIP covered and convenience-based services. Please refer to our Uninsured Services Subscription Plans for more details. The fee for these plans may be eligible for reimbursement by some extended health insurance plans and health spending accounts.


Due to the high volume of results, we cannot always notify patients of normal findings. If we detect an abnormal result requiring follow-up, we'll make every effort to inform you. If you have signed our electronic communication consent form and provided us with your email address, you accept that this will be our primary method of communication with you. It is the patient's responsibility to ensure your contact info is current with us. Remember, no news isn't always good news as results may be lost. It is up to patients to follow up by scheduling an appointment, reaching out to us, or checking online portals. Requests for printed, faxed, or emailed results will incur an admin fee as listed in our uninsured services section.


Prescription renewals requested outside of scheduled appointments are not covered by OHIP, and will be subject to an uninsured services fee. The fee covers the doctor’s time and administrative costs associated with processing prescription renewal requests. To avoid unwanted fees, plan ahead to book an appointment when your prescription medications are running low, consider subscribing to one of our uninsured services subscription plans, and ask your pharmacy to disable automated prescription renewal requests unless otherwise directed by your doctor.


Our clinic utilizes electronic medical records (EMR), online booking, pre-visit questionnaires, and artificial intelligence (AI) scribe technology to assist physicians in collecting and documenting patient health information. As technology advances, we may integrate more systems to enhance clinical and patient experiences. We kindly ask for your cooperation in completing associated consent forms and pre-visit questionnaires to facilitate efficient care. Patient information remains confidential, and technology usage complies with all relevant privacy and security regulations.​


You can email or message us through our website for non-urgent communication like scheduling appointments, getting reminders, requesting insurance notes, and general information. Note that only administrative staff monitor these messages, not doctors. 

We encourage you to review and sign our updated electronic communication consent form. This allows us to communicate medical information, results, and appointment notifications to you electronically. It is the patient’s responsibility to keep their email address up to date with our clinic at all times, and monitor their inbox frequently for important messages from our clinic.

Patient requests for medical advice or services via electronic communication are not covered by OHIP. If you request advice or a service through electronic communication, a fee will apply. You can choose to pay for each request individually as per our uninsured services fee schedule, or you can subscribe to our enhanced subscription plan, which includes this service. It's important to remember that electronic medical advice is only suitable for simple, non-urgent matters that do not require a physical exam. After you've paid the fee, your physician will review your inquiry and respond appropriately within 5 business days. They will only provide advice if it's safe and suitable to do so. If your request cannot be handled electronically, you will be asked to schedule an in-person appointment. It is important to remember that you can book an OHIP-covered appointment to discuss your concerns without any additional fees.


Focusing on a single problem per visit allows adequate time to understand your condition, arrange necessary investigations, discuss treatment options, and create a tailored care plan. We aim to avoid rushed consultations, reduce confusion, and enhance the overall safety and quality of care you receive. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this approach.


Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointments. Late arrivals may result in rescheduling of your appointment or longer wait times if accommodating the late arrival is possible.


Virtual appointments through telephone or video offer you a convenient way to access medical care when a physical exam or procedure is not needed. These visits are covered by OHIP if you have had an in-person visit with your physician in the last 2 years. Virtual care is suitable for various situations, including mental health support, discussing test results, reviewing medication effects and responses, and renewing certain prescriptions that do not require physical monitoring. You must be in Ontario at the time of your virtual visit. If your physician decides that your concern is not safe or suitable for virtual assessment and treatment, you will be asked to schedule an in-person visit instead.


Completion of medical forms or letters is not covered by OHIP and subject to a fee as outlined in our uninsured services fee schedule. Completion time can be up to 45 days, in keeping with the standards of the College and Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). Forms that require a quicker turnaround time will be subject to a rush fee. Please review the form and complete the patient portion before submitting it to our office. Forms can be submitted to us electronically or dropped off in-person. Upon our review, you will be notified if an appointment is required for completion. 


Your physician may order referrals to specialists, imaging, or other medical tests as they deem necessary for your care. The imaging or specialist's office will contact you directly with your appointment details. Should you not receive any information regarding the status of your specialist, imaging, or medical test appointments within 3-4 weeks of the doctor's order, it is the patient’s responsibility to inform our office. This allows us to follow-up promptly and ensure you receive the care you require.

Please note that your family doctor has a trusted network of specialists and imaging centres located in Toronto and are unfamiliar with the services in other communities. If you move outside of Toronto but continue as a patient at our clinic, referrals will still be made to specialists and imaging centres local to our clinic, and you will need to travel into town for these. ​


In line with current medical guidelines, our clinic no longer provides "annual check-ups." Instead, we encourage patients to schedule appointments for active medical issues or concerns. If you are over age 40 and haven't seen your doctor in over 2 years, we recommend scheduling an appointment. It is the patient's responsibility to ensure their preventions are up to date. While the clinic may provide reminders for some preventions, this is not a universal practice. Click here for age-appropriate preventative screening guidelines. We encourage you to ask your doctor if you are up-to-date at each visit.  For more information on why annual check-ups are no longer recommended, please visit the Choosing Wisely website.


We require at least 24 hours' notice for appointment cancellations or rescheduling. Failure to do so will result in a no-show fee, as outlined in our uninsured services section. Multiple no shows and/or late cancellations may lead to dismissal from your doctor's practice and the clinic. 


Patients are required to present a valid OHIP health card at each visit. If you are unable to produce a valid health card at your visit, you will be charged the uninsured services fee for a physician assessment. 


Recording of any kind within our clinic premises is strictly prohibited for privacy and confidentiality reasons.


All of our family physicians are highly skilled and qualified to provide excellent care. We promote collaboration and cross-coverage amongst all physicians in our clinic, and switching family physicians does not align with our practice model. If you do not feel that you have a good therapeutic relationship with your physician, we encourage you to seek a family physician at another clinic. 


We believe in providing excellent care while also contributing to medical education and research. This means that at times, medical students or residents may be present during appointments to learn from our experienced doctors. However, your consent will always be sought before any learners are present. Occasionally, we may also participate in clinical research. If you are asked to participate in a research study, you will be fully informed about the study and asked to provide consent before taking part. Your medical care will not be affected if you decline to participate in our teaching or research activities. You have the right to refuse participation, and we respect your decision. 


We often get requests from patients to order tests that another provider has recommended (such as a naturopath, chiropractor, etc). Due to licensing restrictions, our physicians do not order tests on behalf of other practitioners. You may pay privately for these investigations through the recommending provider. Alternatively, you may book an appointment with your family doctor for a medical assessment of your specific health concern. The doctor will independently assess the condition and order OHIP-covered investigations only if they consider them to be medically necessary.


Our clinic maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of abusive, rude, or inappropriate behaviour. This includes verbal, physical, or emotional abuse towards staff, healthcare providers, or fellow patients. Any instance of this type of behaviour will result in immediate discharge from the clinic and all associated services.​

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Consent Forms

We have implemented various workflows and technology to serve you better. Upon booking appointments online and/or when checking-in at the clinic, you may be prompted to read and sign consent forms to utilize our clinic technology and services. Copies of these forms can be found below for your reference. 

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