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It is important to us that all patients of The Christie Clinic are treated with politeness and respect. All physicians and staff will conduct themselves in a courteous, dignified, and civil manner. We expect that this be reciprocated. Any verbal or physical action that is disrespectful, discourteous, threatening, or uncivil will be addressed and are potential grounds for ending the relationship a patient has at our clinic.



Standard appointments are 15 minutes. In that time, we expect to cover one issue comprehensively or two small issues.  If you have multiple issues, we may ask you to book another appointment. We appreciate your patience on occasions where you are waiting to see the doctor. This means that we are giving extra time to another patient who needs it unexpectedly, the same as we would do for you. If you are accompanying a child/relative to their appointment and also have questions for your doctor, please book an appointment time for yourself. Timeliness is important for us, too! 



You will be charged if you miss an appointment. The fee for a missed appointment is $40 for a routine appointment and $80 for a periodic health exam or counseling appointment.  When you have an appointment, this time is reserved especially for you. If you do not cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, it does not allow us to re-book the appointment for another patient that may need it. Recurrent no-shows are very disruptive and is grounds for dismissal from the practice.


Some services are not covered by OHIP. You will be informed if a form, test or procedure is not covered. Please see the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) Guide to Third Party Billing for a full list. 





For blood work and pap smear results, we generally do not call to inform you of normal results.  If you have questions about your test results, please book a follow-up appointment or call the clinic to inquire if the results can be given over the phone.

For any imaging, we recommend booking a follow-up appointment 1-2 weeks after the test to review results.  If you have not heard about your imaging results 2 weeks after the test, please contact the office.  No news does not equal good news.


The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario mandates physicians to complete these types of reports within 60 days of receiving them. At The Christie Clinic, our own goal is to have them completed within 30 days. Forms are generally not completed during an appointment unless the visit is booked specifically for this reason. Fees are associated with the completion of these reports and payment is required in advance. We may require you to come in to help us in completing these forms.



We will usually fax a referral to a specialist at the time of your appointment and then provide you with the phone number to follow-up. You can facilitate booking by contacting the specialist to book/confirm/change/cancel your appointment.  We will always do our best to explain to you if and when a referral is necessary and to find the best person to see you for your particular health problem. If you have not received information about your specialist appointment within 3 weeks of the referral being made, please let us  know.



We aim to minimize prescribing or renewing prescriptions by phone/fax, whether requested by the patient or pharmacy.  We will always provide you with enough medication to last until you are due for follow-up.  In certain circumstances, if a prescription renewal is requested by phone or fax and the doctor approves the renewal without an appointment, there is a $20 fee to the patient. 


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